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American Gods - Neil Gaiman

I went to see Deadpool last night with my co-worker, while we were waiting for the film to start we jumped back into American Gods. We got halfway through chapter three and I'm still enjoying this book very much. We did hit a bit of a snag in our readalong though. We were originally using the copy I had purchased from Barnes & Noble, the leatherbound B&N edition, but my co-worker was finally able to obtain a different copy which makes reading together a little easier since we don't have to pass the book back and forth. Of course now that he's reading along in his own edition, we realized the copy I owned was abridged and they removed the stupidest things. There are whole paragraphs missing from my copy and they replaced Grimnir with Valtam, which are both names for Odin, but was a completely pointless change in my view. Oh well, I'm still enjoying it, though I am a little wary of the B&N leatherbound editions now. Deadpool was amazing by the way.