July was a crazy month and August isn't looking to be good either. I'm still here, I just have a lot going on right now. I've kept up my reading over the last month, but hadn't felt up to writing any reviews.The humming noise I had been hearing in the ceiling of my room, that everybody else in my family had denied being able to hear, turned out to be a giant hornet nest. My dad discovered this when he finally cut a hole in the ceiling when I noticed a small bubble starting to form. Everything's dead at this point, we hope, but we're giving it another week or so to make sure they can't make it back in. My dad closed up a hole on the side of the roof where he thinks they got in. I'm not looking forward to when construction starts, that section runs right over two of my bookshelves and my hermit crab tank. The books I can just stack in our computer room, the hermit crab tank will be a little harder to deal with. It's a 40 gallon tank filled with 5 bags of sand and several bricks of coconut fiber. If there weren't two crabs molting, I'd just move all four of them to a temporary tank and empty the big one so we could move it, but that's not an option with Sherlock and Archie down. Thankfully I have another week, at least, to figure it out.

I spent most of the weekend writing reviews for books I had finished over the last month and I'll be posting them again according to my normal Monday, Wednesday, and Friday schedule. And at some point this week I'll be posting my July Reading List & August TBR. It feels good to be posting again, even if it's just an update.