The Cater Street Hangman: Genre:Mystery

The Cater Street Hangman - Anne Perry

There was a little too much focusing on dresses and who was in love with who, but I went into this book expecting it, so it didn't annoy me that much. I really liked the emphasis on the expectations for men and women during that time. Charlotte came across as a bit too naive to believe, but I liked how she pushed back against what was expected of her. The mystery was interesting and while I wasn't surprised with the revealing of the killer, there were practically neon arrows pointing to the culprit, the reason annoyed me a great deal and affected my rating quite a bit.


Mrs. Prebble could have had any number of reasons to kill those girls, it's mentioned throughout the book how the standards for women are much different then those for men. Instead Anne Perry chose to take the path so many of these type of books choose, she made Mrs. Pebble the killer because she was gay. I would like, just once, an LGBTQA character who doesn't struggle with their identity and is perfectly content with who they are; they don't go on a murderous rampage, kill themselves, or get murdered by somebody else. Is that too much to ask? I like the time period, but I really hate how LGBTQA characters are handled by authors in this time period. It's fiction, can't there be at least one happy ending?

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