STARGATE SG-1: Relativity - James Swallow

This isn’t the worse Stargate book I’ve read -- that honor is reserved for Alliances – but it’s nowhere close to the best. The Aschen are back in Stargate SG-1 Relativity, trying to decimate the earth population through a convoluted plan that depends on Earth signing a treaty with a group of nomadic people called the Pack. In an effort to stop this disastrous deal, parties unknown try to sabotage the treaty signing. It’s an interesting premise, nothing really new for this series, but it should have provided an enjoyable read.


I didn’t like Jade from the start of this book, everything from her name to her hair, she can change the color at will, reminds me of bad fanfiction -- learning her origins did not help.

She’s Jack’s daughter from the future.

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What really annoyed me is the way Sg-1 seemed to lose all common sense when dealing with her. SG-1 has had multiple experiences with the Aschen, nanites, and people probing their minds – most of them not good. So why would they ever agree to enter a known saboteurs mind so she could prove to them that she was telling the truth. They took Jade’s word that she could not lie when they enter her mind and trusted her not use the connection to take control of them or steal codes and classified information from their minds. That last point was never brought up as a possible outcome of the connection. I know over the series SG-1 has taken their share of risks, but this struck me as monumentally stupid. Also Jade never satisfactorily answered the question why she couldn’t send a note back from the future to warn the SGC. It worked before and the SGC isn’t full of idiots; just write down the planet designation and Aschen – problem solved.


I found the characterization of SG-1 to be a little off -- not as bad as it was in Alliances, but off enough to be annoying. Also the author couldn’t seem to make up his mind whether to refer to Dr. Jackson as Jackson or Daniel, this was highly annoying. For the most part SG-1 is pretty consistent in how they refer to each other and what they call each other. I can’t remember a single time Teal’c has called Daniel just Jackson or Major Carter just Major it was off putting seeing that.


For all its flaws the book did have its good parts. Like I said before it was an interesting premise and the battle at the end of the book was well done. The discussions about changing events in the past and how that would affect the future timeline were, as always, interesting. I gave this book three stars.