Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon Hour 2


Books Read: 0


Pages Read: 75


Current Book Reading: The Annotated Sherlock Holmes Volume Ii


Total Time Reading: 1 hr 55 mins.


Mini-Challenge: Our Bookish Childhoods :Top 5 Bookish Childhood Moments


1. The Rainbow Fish - I don't remember if I ever actually read this book, I just loved it because I liked the way the scales felt on the pages.


2. Charlotte's Web - I was home from school, sick as usual, and I remember being really upset because I wouldn't be there to get the book I had ordered. My older sister saved the day though, she dropped by my classroom before getting on the bus and picked it up for me.


3. The Idiot's Guide to Fun and Tricks with Your Dog - My mom purchased this for me when I was ten to help me train my German Shepherd, Max. I taught him to shake paws, lay down, roll over, but he never got the hang of fetch. 


4. The Hardy Boys - At one point I had over thirty books in this series.


5. So You Want to Be a Wizard - I first found this book in my local library, so you can imagine how disappointed I was that I never got my own manual.