Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc (Penguin Lives Biographies) - Mary Gordon

This was a quick, easy read. I found the text to be easily accessible to those not familiar with Joan, however, it is a very broad overview. It's a good starting text with some interesting analysis for those who don't want to jump into a heavier text. There were some points where I found myself disagreeing with the author, however, specifically:


"In our age, when the consequences of loss of virginity are slight ..."


This is simply not true. People with vaginas are still being ostracized and stoned to death for not being virgins. Despite this blatant lie, I did find the author brought up some interesting points:


"Charles and Joan illustrate a phenomenon that occurs when young women want to move from the realm of the symbolic, where male imagination has placed them, to the realm of the actual, where they want to be. A girl can be an ornament, but if she wants to act rather than be looked at, if she wants scope and autonomy rather than the static fate of the regarded, even the well-regarded, object, she becomes dangerous."


It's amazing how the author could recognize the latter, but fail to connect that thinking to views on virginity. I gave this book four stars.