The Last Dragonslayer

The Last Dragonslayer - Jasper Fforde

The Last Dragonslayer was a fun read. Jasper Fforde created an interesting world and a strong, female protagonist, Jennifer Strange. I wasn’t a fan of how she was manipulated at the end of the book, but she was very aware. Jennifer knew going into the last portion of the book, that she was being manipulated into doing something that she shouldn't. The fact that she couldn't figure out who or why is what led her to take the action she did at the end. I think that’s why I loved her character so much. In a lot of books where the protagonist is being manipulated, they remain completely unaware until the very end. It makes their characters appear dense and bit of a pushover. Jennifer Strange is anything but a pushover. I look forward to reading the rest of the books in this series.