Cujo: Set in New England

Cujo - Stephen King

I liked this book, or rather I like parts of it. King as always, did an excellent job building the suspense and setting all his characters into motion. The scenes with Donna and Tad locked in the car were especially well done, with King managing to capture both the fear and hopelessness of the situation. The ending, I won't go into detail, was horrific in a good way. Looking back at everything that led up to the ending, it seemed inevitable.


What ruined my enjoyment of this book however, was King's fascination with bodily fluids and functions. I noticed this somewhat in Firestarter, but it seemed to have reached an excessive level in this book and I'm starting to see a pattern. At one point it seemed like every other page there was a mention of sex, urine, or somebody farting. The only thing missing was repeated references to boobs and it could have been written by my teenage cousins.