Faint of Heart: Read by candlelight/flashlight

Faint of Heart - Jeff Strand

I started out really disliking the main character Rebecca. The first couple of pages is pretty much Rebecca whining about her husband being away, and 'how will she ever manage'. That's not an actual quote from the book, but it might as well be. I should also state here that her husband left for a weekend camping trip. However, mixed with my dislike for Rebecca, who seems unable to get through two days without her husband, was an affinity with her. I get the freaking yourself out when home alone; I do it to myself on a regular basis. That certainty there's an axe murderer behind the closed door, waiting to jump out when it's opened, is why I don't watch scary movies by myself. The only reason I kept reading was that I totally understood her fear, even if the Bella-lie whining was a little much. 

As far as Jeff Strand books go, it's not his best work and it was missing a lot of blood and gore that is usually present in his writing, but it was still enjoyable. Strand does a lot in 123 pages and he's one of the few authors I've read, who is able to tell a complete and interesting story in so few pages.