The Monstrumologust: Young Adult Horror

The Monstrumologist  - Rick Yancey

Pellinore Warthrop is a jerk, he’s selfish, and completely obsessed with his work. He’s Sherlock, if Sherlock was obsessed with monsters. Even the moment when Warthrop rescued the young woman Kearns used as bait and the way he reacts when Will Henry is almost killed, screamed Sherlock. Sherlock is my favorite character of all time; the similarities between Sherlock and Warthrop guaranteed that I would love this book, no matter it’s flaws and it definitely has flaws.


The action really doesn’t get started until well into the book. Warthrop and Will Henry discover the anthropophagi in the beginning of the book. The two spend what feels like the rest of the book, sitting around, waiting for something to happen.  This book is also chock full of more gore than I would expect in a YA novel. If you are at all squeamish, I would give this book a pass.