Parade's End

Parade's End - Ford Madox Ford, Gerald Hammond


I did see the mini-series before I read this book and it might have had some affect on my enjoyment, so a re-read is happening sometime next year. The book was slower than what I expected after watching the mini-series and I was not expecting the chapters long flashbacks. I have a feeling when I finally go back for my re-read these flashbacks won't be as annoying though.


What made this book so enjoyable was the little moments of unexpected humor. You're reading along, it's getting pretty serious and then there's two sentences just thrown in that make you chuckle: "That boy, Mark thought, was a very curious problem. He seemed to be a good, straight boy. A little loquacious: still that was to be excused since he had to do all the talking himself." Not laugh out loud funny, but worth a chuckle. Also, even though the author spent chapters focusing in on scenes that could become quite dull, he had a way of describing the really interesting scenes perfectly. Well worth the long-windedness.

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